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In the past few months, I have become increasingly involved with our youth ministry at church, Elevate Student Ministry.  Since I am a photographer, it would be unfitting of me to NOT capture some professional shots of our leadership.

Hence, this post.

The Actual Shoot:

Armed with my camera and one light, we set up in a room in the back of church’s auditorium.  It was dimly lit and had an ugly yellow hue, but we had to make due with what we had.

I set up my light to the left of my camera and had each leader stand in front of me for a quick shot.  Did I mention we were also short on time?  It was a Wednesday night and everyone wanted to go home after service.

There were a few goofs with my camera and the lighting, but we managed to take some awesome shots, not to brag or anything.

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mk III and had a studio light coupled with a softbox.  I can’t think of the brand name right off the top of my head, but if you really want to know you can use that contact form or post a comment below.

With these shots, I did not use a light meter since it was a quick set up and shoot.


Post Processing:

I try my best to keep my edits to a minimum.  I just try to fix the color of my shots and clear up some skin here and there.



Without further ado, here is one of the headshots.  Check out the rest in my portfolio.



In conclusion, please check out the ministry facebook:

Elevate Student Ministry



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