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“OH no!  It looks like rain,” the text message read on my phone.  My client wanted to move our shoot back two hours before the rain was scheduled.  I was already nervous, but the thought of being interrupted by the rain never crossed my mind.

Oh well.  I thought.  You just have to keep moving forward with progress.  I told myself I would make it the best shoot I possibly could.

Scouring Pinterest for ideas, I found a few key poses for couples, money shots if you will.  The thought crossed my mind that I really had no idea what look my client wanted.  I asked her and she said she was pregnant.  She wanted some professional shots of her and and her husband but also some maternity shots.  The pressure was on.  I had only seen maternity shots on pinterest and on some of my fellow photographer friends’ websites.

Again, I headed to pinterest for ideas.  (In case you can’t tell, pinterest is great for ideas)  I wrote down some ideas and memorized them before the shoot.

The day arrived.  I was in the place we agreed to meet.  It was partly cloudy, but you never know with Alabama weather.  I was tingling from either nerves or excitement, I was not sure of which so maybe both.  The minute I met my client face to face and shook her and her husband’s hand, it was the calm before the storm.  Everything was still and seemed to move in slow motion until I started firing off shots with my nifty fifty.

The first few shots were used to help my client feel comfortable and allow me to get the right lighting.

After getting a feel, I had them walk hand in hand while I took a few snaps.  They were not terrible.  However, I did not want to waste time while mulling over them.  Again, we were trying to beat the rain so we had to move on.



I put them in different light next to a little pond they have at the park.  The diffused light fell on them beautifully.  At that moment, I knew I would get some gorgeous shots.  The rest of the shoot consisted of keeping them in the gorgeous light.



Some jokes and a sprinkle later, we were done.  It was a successful shoot and we beat the rain.  In fact, we hardly had any rain until the next morning.

To check out all of the pictures, click here.  It is recommended that you have high speed internet to view the portfolio as most images are larger files that take some time to download.  Also, the link will open up a new tab/window.

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