Hi! I’m Adam Ebner

(Yes, Mr. Handsome up there is me.)

I’d like to welcome you to my little space on the internet.  I appreciate you visiting.  You could have been to any other site, but you chose mine.  For that, I am grateful.  Oh!  So a little about me!  That’s probably why you came to this page.

You probably already know I am a photographer or a personal trainer.  In addition to those, I am a:

  • United States Army Veteran
  • Musician
  • Dabbler in the art of writing/storytelling
  • Budding Filmmaker

What I am not:

  • A Milksop
  • A Cad
  • A Word Grubber
  • A Scoundrel

My personality is an ENFP, if you are into that sort of thing.

Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble.

I step on people’s toes with my political jokes.

If you can’t take a joke, then you may want to reconsider being my friend.  (I’m just kidding.  Be my friend, please.  I won’t make jokes about you :D.)

That’s all I can think of.  (For now.)

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