Chapter 29: The Epiphany

As I begin my quest for world domination, I realize that I am no longer a kid.  I am an adult and I have little to show for it.  Sure, I served in the military and gained some skill, but that does little for someone with no degree and no other long term employment. Most […]

New Adventure

Some people that knew me from a few years ago know that I got certified as a personal trainer.  Fitness, like many other fields, is very competitive.  You have to know people for not only positions in gyms but for people to actually hire you to train them.  I am not one to push services […]

God and Love

The conversation of the night moved to favorite movies.  Jewel’s favorite genre of movies was romance.  John was mocking all of the romantic movies.  Jewel, on the fence, defended the movies by expressing her own desires to find love.  Surely John wanted love, too? [blockquote quote_type=”Type5″ author_name=”1 Corinthians 13:4″ width=”50%” float=”right”]Love is patient, love is […]