First Post

[blockquote quote_type=”type1″ author_name=”Eminem” width=”50%” float=”left”]Guess who’s back?  Back again?[/blockquote]

[dropcaps type=”type2″]I[/dropcaps] am back with my website once again!  This time, I mean business.  I guess I meant business in my previous attempts, too, but that is in the past.

I bring you my new website, and if you are reading this, you probably have already scrolled through.  There is not much content, yet.  Just wait and see.

Part of my website will be dedicated to my art of writing, music, and photography.  However, I am using tools of the 21st century to bring you an easier booking process for my services.

Soon, you will have the ability to book my photography services and personal training services with a click of a button.  Sounds good, right?

On this blog, I will write opinionated posts that may offend some, but I will also write about the happenings on the website.  (I mean it is titled “the happenings” so…)

I really hope you enjoy my past work and will enjoy my future work.  As I stated on my home page, this is going to be a website dedicated to helping people, but I would love to be the one to give veterans a voice and a place to work.  My business will grow.  With that I will, employ our jobless veterans.  (Or any veterans that just want a cool place to work.)

God Bless!


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